August Calendar

August may be the hottest month, but we are playing it cool with yoga every morning from 7am – 8am JST.

Some features of this month’s schedule:
August 5: Celebrating 500 days in a row of this morning yoga class.
August 8: Silent meditation on new moon and Tokyo 2020 closing day.
August 9: Relaxing yoga spa on the Mountain Day holiday
August 23 -25: Tribute to the Paralympics features three chair yoga sequences.

Our yoga journalling prompts for this month:
What song(s) remind you of someone you love?
and a fundamental check-in
How are you feeling today?

* Please note that August 6th will be a short class, due to my vaccination appointment. Students are welcomed to stay online and converse after 7:30.

Published by Satoyama Yoga

里山ヨガは千葉県鴨川市で寄付ベースのコミュニティヨガ教室です。 興味のある友達を招待してください。 Satoyama Yoga is a donation-based community class in Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan, led by Kristen McQuillin. Daily classes are held via Zoom; special yoga events and private lessons with Kristen are possible. Please contact for details. The group's history: 11/13/2015 - weekly class at Satoyama Design Factory; 9/10/2019 - daily class at Monaka after Typhoon 15; 3/23/2020 - daily Zoom class during pandemic.

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